“The Italy Bella tour was truly a “grand” experience with exciting highlights: outstanding productions, private tours, and spectacular cathedrals, led by your carefully selected guides.”
~ Kathleen & Charles M.,
Tampa, Fla.


The cities of Vienna and Prague have long been united by a passion for music and a custom tour with The Grand Tour Travel Company offers your travelers the chance to explore these great music capitals of Europe in depth. A succession of Habsburg rulers linked them politically, and established important musical traditions that endure to this day. Follow in the footsteps of the great composers; visit palaces, theatres, and concert halls where music has played a significant role for centuries; and enjoy major performances by the Vienna Symphony, Vienna State Opera, Czech Philharmonic, and the National Theatre in Prague with outstanding artists.

Salzburg, Austria

Or design a custom itinerary to the crystal blue lakes, sparkling glaciers and quaint villages of Switzerland and Austria. Travel from pristine, friendly Lucerne, a gem of a city nestled between lake and mountains with its breathtaking scenic mountain panorama backdrop, eastward to the rustic yet elegant charm of Innsbruck, where city and nature come together to delight. Explore the culture and culinary sophistication of Salzburg, where everyone seems to be humming a tune. Grand Tour itineraries give your travelers ample time to explore and be inspired.

Along the way, travelers will enjoy the rich commentary of expert guides, while sampling the finest food the region has to offer: a panoply of cheese and sausages, chocolates, fondue, goulash, spätzle and Wiener schnitzel, all accompanied by fine wines and beers and perhaps a slice of Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel for dessert. Grand Tour accommodations are always in four or five-star luxury hotels in the heart of city centers, for a cultural experience you won’t want to miss.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Innsbruck, Austria