“The Italy Bella tour was truly a “grand” experience with exciting highlights: outstanding productions, private tours, and spectacular cathedrals, led by your carefully selected guides.”


Arguably, no other country in the western world boasts as many artistic treasures as Italy. Besides great music,  exquisite cities, unequalled cuisine and exceptional wines, travelers to Bella Italia will experience a veritable course in the art of the Italian Renaissance.

Rooftops of Rome

Your custom tour with The Grand Tour Travel Company might begin in Milan, the world capital of fashion, and home of La Scala. Continuing on to the charming city of Parma, in the heart of the Emilia Romagna, we experience the breadbasket of Italy—as well as Verdi country—to arrive in Florence, a city unrivaled in the West as a treasure of art and architecture, and a favored stop on The Grand Tour for centuries.

Or design a custom itinerary for a glorious week of music and art in Rome! The ancient town on the Tiber once ruled “the fairest portion of the earth,” boasting 2500 years of civilization and a heritage as rich and varied as any in the Western world. From the magnificent remains of the ancient Forum to the incomparable treasures of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, from Michelangelo to Raphael, Caravaggio to Bernini, participants will embark on a journey through the labyrinthine history of the Eternal City.

Along the way, travelers will enjoy the rich commentary of expert guides, relish fine dining at some of the city’s best restaurants and tastings of exceptional wines. Grand Tour accommodations are always in four or five-star luxury hotels in the heart of city centers, for a cultural experience you won’t want to miss.



Po River valley