Tour Leader: James M’Kenzie-Hall

tour-guide-james-mckenzie-hallDr. James M’Kenzie-Hall leads our tours
throughout Europe and is considered by many to be
the best English-speaking guide in Paris.

TGT:  What led you to be a Tour Leader?

JMH: An academic year at the Sorbonne in Paris for a Masters in Art History led to a lifetime curiosity in European culture.

TGT: How long have you been leading tours?

JMH: From 1990-2000 I led 156 two-week tours in Europe. Now, with a PhD in art history, I combine my academic career with cultural travel which is very rewarding.

TGT: What is your favourite part of leading tours?

JMH: Creating a group dynamic and enabling the group to make sensé of the 2000 years of European history by ‘connecting’ the jigsaw puzzle to create an overall picture.

TGT: What is your favourite place to travel to?

JMH: That is difficult to answer but, like the conclusion of Voltaire’s Candide or Tolkein’s The Hobbit, once you’ve travelled the world, you appreciate and can put in perspective all that you’ve seen and expérienced even if you conclude that the best place is home.